Message from our founder

This journey really grew from my love of costume throughout history and the ability to create something tangible; something that can embody an emotion, a moment in time, and directly reflect the environment.  I spent my college and early career years in Los Angeles creating costumes and styling wardrobe for films, events, magazines, musicians and commercial businesses; with clients attending the Oscars, Emmys and Grammy award ceremonies.

I am naturally curious and quickly got drawn garment production. My thirst constantly grew, to understand where the garments and materials were coming from; who was making them and how they were doing it. 

Witnessing and experiencing garment creation in a commercial setting was very eye opening. Apparel is the second largest industry in the world and extremely harmful to the environment. Many exploited factory workers do not have the support and enforcement from their local governments to protect them.

It became my passion to make a difference. I started using my experiences in sustainable design and production as a platform to teach valuable principles in the educational community.

Now, I am reaching out to individuals and businesses in all communities to expand the wave of positive change in the apparel industry.

You can look amazing AND make a difference in the world.


Krista Lippert

Revolving Closet

Imagine that, you’ve cleaned out your closet or built up your core wardrobe. Now, you’re ready for new clothes or some trendy items for the season.

As our founder mentioned in an interview with the Emerging Leaders podcast, “your dollar is your vote”. When you purchase an organic cotton shirt instead of conventional cotton, you vote.

Then, that brand will tally up those votes (purchases) and establish an idea of what products are in demand with their customers. They will make future products with similar materials, or features to maximize on the customer demand for that product.

So, why not piggy-back onto someone else’s purchase vote?

Some really cool companies have purchased the trendy items for you. They cast one vote with the brands they buy, and lease the items to you each month.

That one vote, will represent every person renting that garment. It will give that garment’s brand the idea that the customer demand is flat. They won’t manufacture excess, and will focus on improving that product to increase the demand. Slowing the whole process down in this way, allows time for more thoughtful product creation and planning.

Ready to rotate your closet in a sustainable way? Check out these companies:

Women's Clothing:

Le Tote $49/Month

The MS Collection $49 - $113/Month

Rent the Runway $30 - $159/Month

Gwynnie Bee $38 - $159/Month

Girl Meets Dress $60+ per garment


Men's Clothing:

The Mr Collection $49 - $113/Month


Children's Clothing:

The Borrowed Boutique $30+ per garment



Bag Borrow or Steal $35/Month