Our Mission

It is our mission, to educate communities so they are empowered to make positive adjustments with their apparel purchases. The apparel industry is a dirty one, but with our help- we can clean it up together!

What We Do

Fern Liani is a non-profit organization that provides community educational workshops and information. We help our community understand what goes into creating clothes so they know exactly what they are buying into with their purchases.

Our Sustainable Standard

There are multiple ways to measure a garments sustainability; from fiber farming, chemicals used, and worker safety to how its sold and what consumers do with the product at the end of its life. We rate each of these on a scale of 1-5 ferns, with assistance from the Higg Index and the UN’s sustainable goals.

1 fern = least amount of sustainable values, but still OK with us.

5 ferns = most sustainable values & all around great!